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30 Minute Innovation

You know that you should be innovating. Everyone knows. But how many have a proven method that they use regularly, to innovate again and again? Very few.

Innovation isn’t a genetic gift. It’s a practice that can be taught and learned. Once you learn how, you can transform your life, your work, your industry, and create exciting new futures that don’t currently exist. Anyone, including you, can learn 30 Minute Innovation, and use it again and again, for sustained success and profitability!

30 Minute Innovation uses the principles of intensity training, together with a proven process to identify opportunities and transform them into real projects, with real outcomes, in as little as 30 minutes, much like panning for gold.

About Ken Cooper

Ken is the creator of 30 Minute Innovation. As a digital consultant, Ken has led change in some of the most disrupted industries of our time, especially magazine and comics publishing. He has worked with major national brands including the St. Louis Cardinals, Dark Horse Comics, Warner Bros, DC Entertainment, and Marvel Entertainment. He distilled the best practices of the most innovative teams and individuals into the 30 Minute Innovation method.