Often Overlooked Sources for Innovation

Some of the greatest untapped sources for innovation are trends. Even though a never-ending wealth of opportunity lies ready to be discovered in trends such as technology and demographics, most often, when someone wishes to innovate, he or she looks inside to his or her own ideas.

However, the surest opportunities for innovation lie outside of us, waiting to be exploited, in the form of trends. Why are trends so valuable? Trends are indicators of change, and change brings opportunity!

Mindful and systematic

We all live in the same world, and we all see the same trends. Why is it that some innovate while others don’t? It’s because innovators are mindful and systematic. They are mindful enough to identify opportunities, and, most importantly, they are systematic enough to have a system to turn them into reality. A great method that is both mindful and systematic is 30 Minute Innovation.

It ’s not either-or.  Don’t disregard your own ideas to chase after trends. Reinforce your ideas with trends for a powerful combination!

Check out this great article by Jeffrey Phillips in Inc.:

Your Next Innovation Opportunity Might Be Right Next Door

Inexperienced innovators often cast their gaze far afield to amazing new markets and horizons, seeking interesting new innovation opportunities. While those distant horizons seem valuable, they are often difficult to achieve and overlook more realistic innovation opportunities closer to home. Experienced innovators know that the best innovation opportunities are typically (and figuratively) right next door.